Civil Engineering

Construction, operation, and maintenance of civil infrastructure requires an understanding of and balance between population growth, changing standards, energy costs, regulatory influences, competition for limited funds, and other factors. EarthFax assists utility leaders in anticipating and planning to meet these challenges.  To do this, we work with the client in a collaborative manner, whether the client is a large multi-national corporation or a small rural community.  We listen to the client’s needs, factor in future needs, formulate alternative solutions, present those alternatives in a clear and concise manner, and take as much load off the client as they desire during implementation of the chosen solution.

EarthFax has substantial experience in the design of water supply and distribution systems, water storage facilities, roadways, pavements, drainage systems, bridges, and waste-water collection systems.  Once a design is completed, we prepare specifications, bid documents, and cost estimates that the client can use to obtain construction bids.  If desired, we then assist the client by providing construction management services to ensure that the project is properly installed in the field.  These services include the collection of quality control data, design of field changes, preparation of change orders, documentation of field progress, and preparation of as-built drawings.

Our engineers are licensed to practice in several States.  We strive to provide infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective, technically sound, reliable, and user friendly.  Here are a few project highlights:

Bridge Design for a Petroleum Refinery

EarthFax designed several vehicular- and foot-traffic bridges for a petroleum refinery to assist with its goal of exposing all existing underground product pipe lines while providing continued access over these pipe lines where needed.

Firewater System Design and Construction Supervision

EarthFax provided design engineering and construction management services to a major oil refinery in Utah to assist with upgrades required to meet firewater flow and pressure demands under maximum use conditions.

Rural Municipal Water System Upgrade

The town of Escalante is located in south-central Utah in a sparsely populated, semi-arid region of the State. Water is critical to the survival of this community of 750 residents.


More Projects

Roadway and Pavement Design

Roads get you there and bring you back. Whether the need is a municipal road, an industrial road, or a dirt path, EarthFax can help.

Grading Plan Design

Balancing cuts and fills isn't quite like balancing your check book. But the results can be the same if you are wrong. Let EarthFax assist in the design of your next grading project.

Water Supply Development

Water . . . you can swim in it, fish in it, boat on it, mine with it, irrigate with it, wash your clothes with it, and bathe in it. But you can't live without it. EarthFax has assisted numerous clients in the development and protection of water supplies.

Waste-Water Collection System Design

Getting it to the treatment facility is almost as important as treating it.

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