Coal Resource Exploration

Key Features

  • Coal resource evaluations
  • Supervision of drilling and down-hole geophysical logging operations
  • Hole abandonment or completion as monitoring wells

EarthFax geologists have supervised several coal exploration programs to allow the collection of stratigraphic and hydrologic data from holes with depths in excess of 1,000 feet.  In some cases, it was necessary to air-lift the drilling equipment and supplies to the sites due to the remoteness and/or environmental sensitivity of the locations.

To support this work, we located water sources required for drilling by identifying streams and springs with sufficient flow to satisfy demands.  EarthFax then supervised drilling and coring operations and prepared geologic logs of the boreholes depicting lithologic and stratigraphic characteristics, penetration rates, and circulation variations.

We arranged for and supervised the collection of down-hole geophysical data, including caliper, gamma density, dual induction resistivity, compensated density, compensated neutron porosity, natural gamma, and dipmeter logs.  Upon completion of the geophysical logging, we supervised plugging and abandonment of the holes or completion of the holes as groundwater monitoring wells.

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