Design and Supervision of Coal Mine Reclamation

Key Features

  • Designed earthwork operations to balance cuts and fills
  • Developed post-mining runoff- and sediment-control structures
  • Field supervision of reclamation operations
  • Pioneered “deep gouging” runoff- and sediment-control technique
  • 2003 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation National Award

EarthFax has developed reclamation plans for several areas disturbed by underground coal mining operations in Utah.  Using site-specific topographic data obtained from aerial photographs and land surveys, we have designed drainage alignments, profiles, and channel sections to efficiently convey runoff from the reclaimed slopes.  We then developed reclamation grading plans that balanced earthwork volumes, designed post-mining runoff- and sediment-control structures, developed topsoil and substitute topsoil redistribution plans, and developed revegetation plans to restore the areas to productive post-mining land uses.  We submitted this information to the appropriate regulatory agencies on behalf of our client, and provided construction oversight during field implementation of the plans.

Working closely with one of our clients, EarthFax designed a surface-roughening technique applicable to the semi-arid areas of the western United States referred to as "deep gouging."  This method results in a variably roughened surface that retains precipitation on the immediate slope, thereby enhancing revegetation success and substantially reducing erosion potentials.  Using established hydrologic calculation methods, we have been able to demonstrate that sediment yields from areas reclaimed with this method are significantly reduced when compared with the same areas prior to disturbance.  For their work in applying this reclamation technique, our client received the 2003 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation National Award, presented by the U.S. Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining.  They were cited "for outstanding performance in developing and implementing exemplary mining and reclamation methods that maintained sound environmental conditions."

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