Environmental Engineering Support at a Rocket Motor Manufacturing Operation

Key Features

  • Surface and groundwater quality assessments
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Vadose zone modeling to assess soil-to-groundwater migration
  • Enhanced anaerobic bioremediation of contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Remote drilling investigation of explosives contaminated soils
  • Treatment of surface runoff contamination from burning grounds to a wetland

EarthFax has provided environmental engineering support for over 20 years to a major propellant and rocket-motor manufacturing client. We have performed this work at two client facilities comprising over 22,000 acres in northern Utah. Contaminants of concern include explosives (nitroglycerin, HMX, RDX, perchlorates, etc.), organic solvents (TCE, TCA, DCE, Freon, etc.), and inorganics (lead, silver, chromium, etc.). Specific tasks that we completed for this client have included:

  • Performed groundwater quality and hydrogeologic characterizations of the facilities and adjacent areas;
  • Assessed the extent and magnitude of off-site contamination;
  • Prepared work plans and bid documents and supervised installation of over 100 monitoring wells, deep piezometers, and observation wells under tight time schedules to meet regulatory constraints;
  • Determined the effectiveness of monitoring well purging during sampling and assisted the client in changing to low-purge sampling methods, thereby eliminating large amounts of investigation-derived waste;
  • Performed and analyzed the results of aquifer-characteristics tests in over 100 monitoring wells to assess the hydraulic conditions of the groundwater system;
  • Numerically modeled groundwater flow and contaminant transport to assist in determining the effectiveness of various remediation alternatives;
  • Performed human health and ecological risk assessments to establish cleanup criteria;
  • Modeled flow in the unsaturated zone to assess the potential for migration of contaminants from soil to the underlying groundwater;
  • Designed a solid-waste landfill for on-site disposal of non-hazardous solid waste;
  • Performed floodplain encroachment investigations;
  • Designed and implemented pilot-scales tests to anaerobically bioremediate soil and groundwater that was contaminated with perchlorates and organic solvents;
  • Conducted a remote drilling investigation of explosives-contaminated soil in six former industrial wastewater collection basins, exercising special precautionary measures due to the potentially-explosive nature of the contaminants; and
  • Designed a water treatment system to remove perchlorate from storm water prior to discharging to an adjacent wetland.
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