Environmental Engineering

EarthFax has extensive environmental engineering experience, focusing on the assessment and remediation of soil and water contamination as well as the design of waste treatment and disposal facilities.  In gaining this experience, we have dealt with an extensive suite of pollutants, including halogenated and nonhalogenated volatile and semivolatile organic compounds, fuels, inorganics, radionuclides, and explosives.  We are committed to the highest standards of environmental health and safety.  All field personnel are trained in hazardous materials operations as specified in 29 CFR 1910.120.  This training is updated through annual refresher courses and is supported by annual baseline medical evaluations.

We offer a wide range of investigative tools to characterize and evaluate surface and subsurface conditions.  These tools include field data collection; analyses of temporal and spatial data distributions; surface and groundwater modeling to assess the fate and transport of pollutants; and assessments of risks to human health and the environment.  We have used these tools to assist petroleum refiners, producers, and distributors; chemical manufacturers; food-processors; mineral and coal mining operations; and others in determining the extent and magnitude of soil and water contamination resulting from spills, leaks, and historic disposal activities.

It has been our experience that each contaminated site requires a fresh approach when it comes to the selection of a remediation technology.  As a result, our remediation design and implementation experience includes not only such standard approaches as excavation and off-site disposal, but also solidification/stabilization, enhanced in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation, soil flushing, soil vapor extraction, open burning, air sparging, dual-phase extraction, constructed wetlands, pump and treat, subsurface barriers, and natural attenuation.  In conjunction with our affiliate EarthFax Development Corporation, we also have substantial experience with ex-situ fungal bioremediation of soil that is contaminated with a wide variety of carbon-based pollutants.

Following are a few highlights that describe our experience in mitigating the environmental and health impacts associated with chemicals released to the environment:

Assessment, Design, and Remediation Services at a Petroleum Refinery

EarthFax provided multi-year assessment, design, and remediation management services at a petroleum refinery located on 600 acres in northern Utah.

Environmental Engineering Support at a Rocket Motor Manufacturing Operation

EarthFax has provided environmental engineering support for over 20 years to a major propellant and rocket-motor manufacturing client.

Emergency Response Engineering Services at Petroleum Pipeline Releases

EarthFax has provided engineering and scientific support to assess and remediate soil and groundwater contamination resulting from over 18 releases from high-pressure petroleum pipelines.


More Projects:

Groundwater Quality Assessment and Remediation

Maybe it's a nearby water well that has become contaminated. Maybe it's a regulatory agency with lots of questions. Maybe you're considering a real estate transaction. Whatever the reason, EarthFax can assist you with your groundwater quality assessment and remediation needs.

Soil Contamination Assessment and Remediation

Is the soil contaminated? If so, is it contaminated above a level that requires remediation? If so, what is the best remediation methodology given the constraints of budget, site, and regulatory requirements?

Assessment and Remediation of Miscellaneous Waste

It wasn't groundwater and it wasn't soil. It was some gooey, tar-like substance that behaved like the LaBrea Tar Pits. Records indicated that the site was also used as a dumping ground for everything from old typewriters to used pipe. It was obvious that a unique approach to site characterization and remediation would be required.

Landfill Design, Permitting and Monitoring

They may be a low-tech approach to the disposal of waste materials, but landfills must be done right to avoid problems. EarthFax has the experience and capability to assist you with your landfill projects, whether you are looking for help dealing with a regulatory agency, with design of your facility, or an evaluation of geotechnical or groundwater problems that have developed at the site.

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