Firewater System Design and Construction Supervision

Key Features

  • 27,000 linear feet of high-density polyethylene pipe
  • Design pressure of 200 psi
  • Pipe diameters ranging from 6 to 16 inches
  • Includes an emergency, backup water supply
  • Interactive database of system component details
  • Design-build project

EarthFax provided design engineering and construction management services to a major oil refinery in Utah to assist with upgrades required to meet firewater flow and pressure demands under maximum use conditions.  We modeled the existing firewater distribution system within the refinery, conducted stand-up hydrant tests, and identified critical issues confronting the existing system based on the proposed addition of new operating units.  The results of our investigation indicated that insufficient flow and pressure existed in selected areas of the refinery to provide adequate future fire protection.  We then designed the required upgrades, which include installation of approximately 27,000 linear feet of high-density polyethylene pipe at a design pressure of 200 psi.  Pipe diameter requirements range from 6 to 16 inches, with multiple valves and fire hydrants.

One of the critical issues identified at the site was the need for a backup water supply to be used in the event of an interruption of the municipal and industrial systems that serve as the primary water supply.  EarthFax designed an intake and emergency pumping system to divert water from a canal that runs through the site and that carries storm water and wastewater from a large community to the Great Salt Lake.  The emergency water supply is designed to supplement or replace the primary water supply and will operate without the benefit of electrical power.  Hence, the emergency supply was designed to be available in the event of either a normal or catastrophic interruption in the primary supply.

The project is being completed on a design-build basis, with EarthFax serving as the design engineer, Owner’s Representative, and construction manager.  We are providing as-constructed drawings to the client as each phase of the project is completed.  We are also developing an interactive database for the client to access photographs, coordinates, and details regarding valves, hydrants, isolation procedures, etc.  Once completed, the overall firewater capacity will nearly double.

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