The science of geology is the study of planet Earth – the materials of which it is made and the processes that act on these materials.  A proper understanding of these materials and processes helps to identify the best opportunities and to make the best choices.

EarthFax has broad experience in the performance of geologic evaluations to support project development.  Our geologists love to spend time in the field mapping geologic structures and geomorphology.  They love to sit on drill rigs examining cuttings and cores.  They love to pour over geophysical logs looking for the subtle and less subtle nuances that are indicative of changes in stratigraphy, mineralogy, and petrology.  They love to explain their field observations to anyone that will listen.  And they provide those explanations using language that is understandable and an excitement that is catching.

Our geologic services have been instrumental in assessing project seismic settings, coal and mineral resources, and geologic hazards.  We have also provided our services on larger project teams involved with the plugging and abandonment of underground injection wells, the stabilization of landslides, the design of geomorphically-compatible stream channels, the characterization of groundwater resources, and the remediation of soil and groundwater contamination.  Following are a few examples of our geologic experience:

Supervision of Injection Well Testing and Abandonment

An EarthFax client operates an underground salt and potash mine on approximately 4,500 acres in southeastern Utah. This mine was originally constructed as a conventional room-and-pillar operation, but was eventually converted to a solution mine due to deformation of the ore body by the excessive overburden pressures (with typical overburden depths of 2,000 to 4,000 feet).

Surface Geologic Investigations

EarthFax has conducted geologic studies for several existing and proposed surface and underground coal and mineral mines in Washington, Wyoming, and Utah. The purpose of these studies was to determine the stratigraphic sequence and lateral extent of lithologic units and the physical and chemical characteristics of the units.

Coal Resource Exploration

EarthFax geologists have supervised several coal exploration programs to allow the collection of stratigraphic and hydrologic data from holes with depths in excess of 1,000 feet. In some cases, it was necessary to air-lift the drilling equipment and supplies to the sites due to the remoteness and/or environmental sensitivity of the locations.

Additional Geologic Services

Somewhere between the surface and a few thousand feet down, a lot of G-things exist that can greatly contribute to the success of your project (or the lack thereof). EarthFax has the experience to evaluate the earth's geologic resources, assist in resource development, or to help with facility siting.

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