Geotechnical Engineering

Safe construction and maintenance of facilities requires detailed knowledge of local foundation conditions.  EarthFax assists clients by evaluating the subsurface soil, rock, and groundwater conditions that play an important role in the architectural, civil, and structural design of a project.  Our responsibility is to provide our clients with accurate and representative information concerning subsurface conditions to improve foundation design and reduce construction costs.

EarthFax geotechnical engineers have extensive experience in the performance of foundation investigations, design of road and pavement subgrades, evaluation of slope stability, design of footings and foundations, delineation of borrow sources, and performance of field tests and inspections to ensure proper facility construction. This work has played an important role in the planning, design, and construction of buildings, processing facilities, roads, pipelines, landfills, waste disposal facilities, and dams.

We use a variety of site exploratory techniques including drilling and rock coring, test pits, cone penetration testing, and geophysical methods.  Our geotechnical engineers work closely with the client and other engineering disciplines as members of the project team to ensure that information is properly presented and understood.

Following are a few examples of our geotechnical engineering experience:

Design of Cover Systems for Uranium Mill Tailings Closure

EarthFax designed cover systems for two uranium-mill tailings impoundments covering a total of 94 acres to provide long-term environmental protection. The covers were designed to minimize radon emanation from the tailings, infiltration of precipitation, and post-reclamation settlement as well as to provide long-term (1000 years) protection against erosion.

Natural Arch Structural Stability Investigation

EarthFax was selected by a film production company to evaluate the stability of a natural arch in southeastern Utah. The arch was to be used in the production of a training film for a major U.S. automobile manufacturer, with an automobile to be driven onto the arch for part of the film.

Design of Slope Stabilization Methods Associated With a Coal Outcrop Fire

EarthFax designed methods to stabilize a steep-slope area of approximately 40,000 square feet that had been affected by a coal outcrop fire.


More Projects

Geotechnical Investigations

Some architects for a tower in the town of Pisa, Italy are rumored to have decided that detailed geotechnical investigations were superfluous. Although their structure became famous, yours may not be so lucky. Our engineers can assist in your foundation investigations.

Design and Construction Inspection

To some it's dirt. To us it's soil . . . as much a construction medium as concrete, bricks, and wood. Let EarthFax help you determine how to better use it.

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