Grading Plan Design

Summary of Expertise

  • Cut and Fill Calculations
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Site Grading Design
  • Mine Reclamation Design

Balancing cuts and fills isn't quite like balancing your check book. But the results can be the same if you are wrong. Let EarthFax assist in the design of your next grading project. Our past experience has included:

ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES FOR TWO INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS.  EarthFax provided engineering design services for two industrial buildings at a petroleum refinery in northern Utah.  One of these buildings houses instrumentation to analyze blending requirements for products manufactured at the refinery while the other houses a reverse osmosis water treatment system associated with the refinery cooling towers.  We conducted a geotechnical investigation that included the performance of cone-penetrometer surveys, data evaluation, and foundation design.  We then prepared grading and drainage plans, acquired building permits, developed pavement design recommendations, provided construction inspection, and designed re-routing requirements for existing utilities as needed.

MINE RECLAMATION GRADING PLAN DEVELOPMENT. Grading plans were developed for six separate areas disturbed by a large coal mining operation in eastern Utah. Data files generated from aerial mapping were loaded into a digital terrain modeling software program to develop base topographic maps. Hydrologic calculations were performed to assist in the development of drainage alignments, profiles, and channel sections. The topographic software was then used to establish reclamation grading plans that efficiently balanced earthwork volumes, which totaled approximately 310,000 yd3 over the 143-acre area. Specific cut and fill depths were calculated at a grid spacing of 25 feet, and cross-sections were generated to depict the existing and proposed ground surfaces.

MINE OPERATION AND RECLAMATION GRADING PLAN. Using topographic maps and a proposed coal mine operation layout plan, EarthFax utilized a digital terrain modeling program to develop a grading and drainage plan for a 50-acre coal mining operation in eastern Utah. The proposed mine plan topography was then used as a base map to generate a reclamation grading and drainage plan. Earthwork volumes were calculated and the plan was revised to balance the cuts and fills. Specific cut and fill depths were determined at a grid interval of 25 feet. Total earthwork volumes amounted to approximately 70,000 yd3.

DEVELOPMENT OF A REGRADING PLAN FOR A PETROLEUM REFINERY. Grading and drainage plans were developed for several areas at a Utah refinery. The areas had previously been disturbed by refinery activities. Digital data from aerial mapping was input into a digital terrain modeling software program, final ground configurations were created, and earthwork volumes were calculated to generate balanced designs. These volumes totaled approximately 8,500 yd3 within an area of 9 acres.

FILL VOLUME DETERMINATION FOR HAZARDOUS-WASTE STABILIZATION. Excavation and backfill surfaces were surveyed at a site undergoing stabilization of approximately 140,000 yd3 hazardous materials. The purpose of the surveying (which utilized total-station survey equipment) was to verify volumes for contractor payment and for generation of as-built drawings. Topographic maps of the surfaces were developed using a digital terrain modeling software program to ascertain compliance with grading tolerance specifications. Excavation and backfill quantities were also calculated.

SITE IMPROVEMENT DESIGNS FOR TWO MOTELS. Site improvement designs for two 75-unit motels were provided. Design services included site drainage; channel improvements along the Jordan River; site utilities; parking lot and roadway pavements; and curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. Design of utilities such as water, gas, sewer, and power were coordinated with the appropriate utility companies. Parking lot and roadway pavement design was provided following analysis of existing geotechnical information.

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