Landfill Design, Permitting and Monitoring

Summary of Expertise

  • Waste-Stream Evaluation
  • Landfill Design
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Preparation of Permit Documents
  • Mine Reclamation Design

They may be a low-tech approach to the disposal of waste materials, but landfills must be done right to avoid problems. EarthFax has the experience and capability to assist you with your landfill projects, whether you are looking for help dealing with a regulatory agency, with design of your facility, or an evaluation of geotechnical or groundwater problems that have developed at the site. 

DEVELOPMENT OF A PERMIT APPLICATION FOR A CLASS I SANITARY LANDFILL.  EarthFax wrote and submitted a Class I sanitary landfill permit renewal application for a 500-acre landfill located in southern Utah. Major portions of the plan included a review of site history, a legal description of the site, a plan of operation, a description of the local hydrogeology, an engineering evaluation, a closure plan, a post-closure care plan, and a statement of financial assurance. The 5-year renewal period petitioned for in the application incorporated data that tracked current landfill use relative to its design capacity. These included estimated waste volumes to be added to the landfill during the renewal period, percentage of the landfill currently filled with waste, maintenance costs projected for the term of the renewal, and the status of escrow payments designed to pay for closure and post-closure care. Additionally, long-term projections of waste volumes and maintenance costs were made to measure whether current operation of the landfill was compatible with the original design capacity and funding requirements projected for the life of the facility.

PREPARATION OF EXCAVATION PLAN TO REMOVE HAZARDOUS WASTE FROM AN INDUSTRIAL LANDFILL. EarthFax wrote an excavation plan to remove hazardous waste that had been inadvertently placed in a large non-hazardous, industrial-waste landfill in central Utah. The problematic waste contained hazardous levels of cadmium, lead, and selenium. The excavation plan included preparation of an excavation grid for the area of contamination, discussion of the method for removing the waste, a dust suppression plan, and a method for containing and transferring the waste to an appropriate off-site facility. EarthFax also supervised the removal of the waste, collected confirmation samples, provided regulatory agency liaison on behalf of the client, and prepared a final report outlining the results of the effort.

.  EarthFax prepared a Design and Operation Plan for a large sanitary landfill in southern Utah. The plan was written for the special service district that owns the landfill. The design and operation plan included a map of the facility, the equipment used, a list of the employees, a description of the employee duties, the use of daily cover, the use of alternative daily cover, future expansion of the landfill, a plan for composting, a plan for construction and demolition waste, and calculation of closure and post-closure costs.

DEVELOPMENT OF A FUGITIVE DUST PLAN FOR AN INDUSTRIAL LANDFILL. EarthFax wrote a Fugitive Dust Plan for a large industrial landfill in central Utah. EarthFax communicated with the Utah Division of Air Quality on behalf of the client and developed the plan in accordance with their rules. The plan included an identification of all fugitive dust emission activities, calculation of the surface area for all dust producing activities, preparation of a drawing showing all fugitive dust sources, presentation of photographs showing mobile fugitive dust sources, and design of fugitive dust emission controls.

DESIGN OF A SOLID WASTE LANDFILL.  A solid waste landfill was designed at the site of a major industrial facility in Utah for the disposal of large items of solid waste that could not be feasiblely disposed of in the local municipal landfill. Soil test pits were excavated and logged, subsurface hydrogeologic conditions were determined, and waste quantities were determined (existing and potential). Various construction alternatives were evaluated and the most efficient method of construction was chosen. Construction, operation, and reclamation plans were developed and submitted to State and County agencies for approval. Specifications for construction were prepared for bidding.

INSPECTION SERVICES FOR CONSTRUCTION OF A CLASS V LANDFILL CELL. EarthFax served as the Owner’s Representative during construction of a Class V landfill super cell located in central Utah. The landfill facility accepts non-hazardous solid waste from residential and industrial sources throughout Utah and the United States. Design capacity of this phase of super cell construction is 1.2 million cubic yards. Responsibilities on this project consisted of ensuring that design specifications for construction of the cell were met. This included verifying that survey grades were met for completed earthwork; verifying that soil quality-control tests such as nuclear density tests, permeability tests, and gradation tests met required QA/QC criteria; ensuring that leachate drainage and storm water control systems were installed appropriately; and generating daily reports which documented the sequence and quality of work. In addition to serving as the Owner’s Representative, EarthFax designed an adjacent haul road and scale system for the cell.

.  EarthFax designed a truck scale and tarp off-loading facility at a Class V landfill located in central Utah. This was done in conjunction with completion of a new landfill super cell at the facility. The scale facility allows truck drivers carrying waste into the cell to simultaneously weigh in and remove their protective tarps before entering the cell. The pre-engineered scale around which the facility was designed has a weight limit of 100 tons. EarthFax designed and supervised construction of the facility to comply with specifications required by the scale manufacturer and to meet the needs of the client.

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