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EarthFax personnel have broad technical experience in areas ranging from the deserts of the American southwest to the alpine regions of the Rocky Mountains; from the frigid hinterlands of Siberia to the lush green forests of New Zealand. We would rather pick up a shovel and help the project along than lean on that shovel and watch.

EarthFaxians understand that there is more to life than what happens within the walls of our offices. We like the outdoors, our families, our hobbies, our co-workers, and our clients. We like to laugh, help others who are in need, and serve our communities.

Brief descriptions are provided below of the background and capabilities of EarthFax personnel. Expanded resumes of these personnel are available upon request.

Richard B. White, P.E. - President, Civil and Environmental Engineer. BS, Watershed Science, 1976, Utah State University. MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1977, Utah State University. Expertise in environmental contamination assessments, design and management of remediation systems, hydrologic engineering, and water-supply development. Registered Professional Engineer (Michigan, Colorado and Utah). Former Chairman of the Utah Solid and Hazardous Waste Control Board. Loves his family, pine nuts, and the great outdoors.

Clark M. Anderson, P.E. - Civil Engineer. BS Civil Engineering, 2009. Experience in construction supervision associated with water-distribution, public utilities, and retention structures.  

Kris H. Blauer, P.G. - Hydrogeologist. BS, Geology, 1987, Utah State University. Expertise in groundwater hydraulics, remedial-action design and implementation, computer applications, soil and groundwater remediation, geologic investigations, water-supply development, and supervision of field operations. Professional Geologist (Utah). Believes that a day without laughter is a wasted day.

Li Cheng - Hydrogeologist. BS, 1991, Water Resources and Environment, Sun Yat-Sen University, China. ME, 1994, Hydrogeology, Shandong Technological University, China. Ph. D. 2000, Water Resources, Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Ph. D. 2006, Hydrology, University of Arizona. Experience performing groundwater flow and contaminant transport model simulations, hydrological calculations and water resource investigations. Believes that the love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

Bradley R. Derrick, P.E. - Civil Engineer.  BS, 1978, Civil Engineering, University of Utah. Expertise in design and construction supervision associated with water-distribution systems, remediation systems, roads, public utilities, drainage systems, and transportation systems. Registered Professional Engineer (Utah). Leaves no stone unturned when it comes to project details.

Larry DuShane - Environmental Technician. BA, 1980, Spanish, Brigham Young University. Expertise in groundwater monitoring, remediation system construction, operation and maintenance of remediation systems, and construction supervision. Loves to hike and camp in Utah’s deserts with his kids.

Shaun W. Frandsen - Civil Draftsman/CAD Operator. 1983, Engineering Drafting Design Technology, Salt Lake Community College. Expertise in preparation of plans, profiles, maps, graphics, and civil design related to mine reclamation projects, surface facility design, refuse disposal sites, and other industrial and municipal projects. NICET certified. Widely considered the best CAD operator in the West.

Timothy A. Jimenez, P.E. - Environmental Engineer.  BS, 2006, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Idaho.  Expertise in water and wastewater treatment, site design,  and the design of runoff- and sediment-control facilities. His love for the outdoors is second only to his love for his family.

Florianne S. Koceja - Accounts Payable/Receivable. Whether we owe you or you owe us, this is the person that you need to please!

Gene H. Player, P.E. - Civil Engineer. BS, 1992, Civil Engineering, Utah State University. Expertise in construction inspection, slope stabilization design, drainage and pavement design, groundwater intercept system design, computer applications, and surveying. Registered Professional Engineer (Utah). 

Van Riding, E.I.T -- Mining Engineer, BS, 1995, University of Utah. Expertise in underground coal mining, mine timing and continuous miner section set-up, civil construction, supervision and inspection. Reconsidering his love for motorcycles.

Galen W. Williams, P.G. - Engineering Geologist. BS, 1976, Geomorphology, University of Utah. MS, 1981, Applied Geomorphology, University of Utah. Expertise in engineering geology, groundwater-quality and hydrogeologic assessments, remedial-action design and implementation, computer applications, and supervision of field operations. Professional Geologist (Utah, Wyoming). Pays attention to project details.




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