Rural Municipal Water System Upgrade

Key Features

  • Upgrade or replacement design services for spring collection areas, transmission pipeline, storage tank, water well, and distribution lines
  • Replacement design for 14 miles of transmission line
  • Replacement design for 5 miles of City distribution line
  • Remote electronic monitoring and actuation devices
  • Design of a water treatment system to remove iron and manganese from well water
  • Provided assistance with water rights and funding evaluations and applications

The town of Escalante is located in south-central Utah in a sparsely populated, semi-arid region of the State.  Water is critical to the survival of this community of 750 residents.

In 2004, breaks in a water main drained the million gallon storage tanks on two occasions during the period of highest water demand. In addition, concerns about the quality of water obtained from the backup water-supply well resulted in a decision to shut down the well. A moratorium was then placed on the issuance of new water meters, effectively halting growth.

EarthFax was contracted to help the City resolve these problems and provide a reliable water system that would meet demands well into the future. This was accomplished through the following tasks:

  •  Designed and installed an automated tank monitoring system to continuously measure water levels in the storage tanks. This system automatically places phone calls to City personnel when the level in the tanks falls below half full.
  • Evaluated the City’s water rights and prepared applications to ensure that pending rights were not lost. The City thereby firmed up rights sufficient to meet demands beyond the middle of the 21st century.
  • Performed a system adequacy evaluation under a State grant to assess the ability of the existing system to handle current and future needs. Several needed improvements were identified and prioritized, including rehabilitation of the City’s well, installation of a treatment system to remove iron and manganese from the City’s well water, replacement of 14 miles of pipe from the City’s springs to the storage tanks, replacement of undersized water lines within the City, and others.
  • Prepared funding applications to allow design and construction of the needed improvements. These applications resulted in the City successfully obtaining $4.6 million in grants and low-interest loans for the project.
  • Designed the needed water-system improvements, including preparation of plans, specifications, and bid documents and interaction with funding agencies.
  • Provided construction inspection during installation of the needed improvements.
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