Surface Geologic Investigations

Key Features

  • Surface mapping
  • Sample collection
  • Quaternary fault investigations
  • Surface geophysical surveys

EarthFax has conducted geologic studies for several existing and proposed surface and underground coal and mineral mines in Washington, Wyoming, and Utah.  The purpose of these studies was to determine the stratigraphic sequence and lateral extent of lithologic units and the physical and chemical characteristics of the units.  We utilized test pits, cut slopes, and rock outcrops to obtain site specific, detailed geologic and geochemical data from the areas.  As needed, we collected samples from rock outcrops and submitted these samples for laboratory analyses.  EarthFax utilized the data obtained from the test results to determine the presence of toxic or acidic materials, the potential stability of highwalls and spoils, potential on site and off site hydrologic impacts, and the economic quality of the resources.

We have also performed several Quaternary fault investigations in seismically-active areas near the Wasatch Fault of Utah. Our investigations included installation of trenches, detailed logging of the trenches to estimate the ages of the encountered materials, and determination of approximate ages of fractures discovered in the trenches.  As appropriate, we provided recommendations regarding site development and minimum off-sets for proposed structures.

EarthFax geologists have performed surface geophysical surveys at the sites of industrial and mining facilities to define subsurface geologic and groundwater conditions.  These surveys have included very-low-frequency electromagnetic surveys to delineate fracture locations to assist in siting water wells for both potable water production and contaminated water recovery.  We have also performed electrical resistivity surveys to better define subsurface geologic structure and to locate areas of contaminated groundwater.

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