Waste-Water Collection System Design

Summary of Expertise

  • Collection System Design
  • Outfall Design
  • Specifications
  • Construction Management

Getting it to the treatment facility is almost as important as treating it.  Representative projects completed by EarthFax have included:

DESIGN OF SEWAGE PRETREATMENT IMPROVEMENTS. EarthFax provided design and construction inspection services to a State prison to replace existing sewage pretreatment facilities. The overall goal of this project was to increase the capacity and efficiency of the existing sewage conveyance system. We evaluated existing facilities for flow capacity and losses, reviewed existing topographic mapping of the project site, evaluated existing geotechnical data to help identify the adequacy and usefulness of these data in designing system upgrades, evaluated sewage grinders and other pretreatment equipment that could meet project goals, addressed existing conditions and possible changes to existing features that would allow the sewage pretreatment system to grow with increased future demand, prepared final construction drawings in electronic format, participated in regularly scheduled progress meetings, and created final as-built drawings.

SANITARY SEWER OUTFALL SYSTEM DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION. Construction drawings and technical specifications for a major outfall sewer were prepared by EarthFax personnel for a municipality in Utah. Plan and profile design drawings were prepared for 3 miles of 18-inch through 60-inch diameter sanitary sewer. The project included the hydraulic modeling of the pipeline for sizing, design of manhole and siphon structures, evaluation of several pipe materials, determination of excavation and bedding requirements, performance of subsurface and groundwater investigations, and design of dewatering methods. Construction drawings and technical specifications were also prepared, along with right-of-way instruments and construction easements. Construction management and inspection were provided as part of the project.

EXPANSION OF EXISTING SANITARY AND STORM SEWER COLLECTION SYSTEMS. Numerous projects have been completed by EarthFax personnel for the extension of storm sewer collection systems within residential and industrial subdivisions in Utah. These projects include the identification of the location and sizing of existing storm sewer mains, submains, and branch lines, as well as the design of new submains and branch lines. Plan and profile drawings were developed along with specifications for the expansion of the existing systems. Construction management services were provided for several of the projects.

PREPARATION OF CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS AND SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES. Construction standards and development guidelines were prepared by EarthFax personnel for a northern Utah municipality. Specifications in the CSI format and standard detail drawings for typical developmental improvements included trenching, concrete pipe, PVC pipe, clay pipe, cleanouts, lateral connections to mains, and cleaning/testing of gravity pipelines. These standards were compiled into a booklet for purchase by developers, contractors, and residents working within the city.

INVENTORY OF EXISTING INDUSTRIAL AND STORM WATER SEWER SYSTEMS AT A PETROLEUM REFINERY.  EarthFax inventoried the industrial and storm water sewer systems at a petroleum refinery to provide the facility with information regarding potential interconnects.  A composite record of these features did not appear to exist at the refinery.  Discovery of potentially explosive vapors in areas that should be sealed from the release of such vapors created a safety concern that prompted refinery personnel to request our assistance to investigate the storm water and process sewer systems, develop comprehensive sewer system maps, and determine whether there may be any cross-connections of process and storm sewer features at the facility.  Our review of existing sewer mapping documents confirmed that mapping was incomplete and that no comprehensive record of pipe size, location, depth, or inlets and cross connections existed.  Additionally, construction of new buildings and process-related features added to the uncertainty of how new sewer lines were connected to the older network. EarthFax collected existing sewer system information by carefully reviewing drawings of record, performed field verification of mapped systems through video and other means, created a comprehensive map of sewer systems at the facility (including newly constructed features), identified and located possible problems in existing systems, and provided recommendations for changes and improvements.

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