What People Are Saying

In an effort to better understand and respond to our clients’ needs, EarthFax occasionally asks independent consultants to conduct client perception surveys.  We also sometimes receive unsolicited comments.  We value this feedback as a measure of our performance.

"EarthFax and the Salt Lake team deserve to be recognized for their outstanding efforts in bringing this site to closure in such a timely manner."
Sr. Site Remediation Specialist, Chevron Pipe Line Company
"We have appreciated the ability of EarthFax to present their project designs in a clean and understandable manner. When unanticipated conditions have been encountered below ground, we have been able to work together to arrive at an appropriate solution that will serve the needs of our joint client in a timely, cost-effective manner. We have found EarthFax to be professional in their approach and have appreciated their ability to make us feel like part of the team."
Owner, Mike Zimmerman Well Service
"I have only been with Ash Grove for a couple of years now, but I have never witnessed a mine plan meeting where everyone was left speechless. There has been no detail left unnoticed and every option has been explored, resulting in what I think is the best possible mine plan. Thanks for the help!!!"
Assistant Plant Engineer, Ash Grove Cement Company
"Success is very important to us. Building multiple successes improves our general credibility, which in turn pays dividends on the next inspection. EarthFax, and in particular Galen, was critical to our recent success. The effort put forth, during preparation and during the actual inspection, by Galen is very much appreciated. We couldn't have done it without him. I'm glad EarthFax is part of our team!"
Environmental Manager, Chevron Products Company
"Their professional expertise - that's why we go to them. And they are personable - that's why we go back to them. They are pleasant to deal with."
Production Supervisor, Moab Salt
"Over the years, Envirocon has successfully completed four major environmental projects at the Chevron Salt Lake Refinery that were designed and supervised by EarthFax Engineering, Inc. . . . Experienced EarthFax project managers and construction engineers maintained a high degree of sensitivity to the critical path on each project, but with an awareness of the complex issues that the contractor must confront. Above all else, EarthFax maintained Chevron's interest as their primary focus. Accordingly, they worked to achieve goals and schedules through creative changes in scope or technology that, with our equal effort, kept schedules and budgets mostly intact. . . . As the Owner's Representative on these projects, any concerns that EarthFax had during our work were always conveyed to us in a professional and clear manner."
Regional Manager, Envirocon
"They have a very professional staff which does a good job. [They] know where they fit into our scheme of things."
Coal Supply Engineer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
"Please pass on a special 'job well done' to Bill, Carol, and Shaun. There were many times that the stress level was extremely high when trying to meet deadlines or when confronting [the State]. I sincerely appreciate their extra effort this past year."
Project Supervisor, AMAX Coal West
"We wish to express our appreciation to Kris Blauer of EarthFax for the excellent work he did on Pennzoil's boneyard remediation project. . . . Kris provided backup data to support a position that no further remediation work should be required in that area. . . . The [State] agreed with that position. Pennzoil could easily have been in a position of further (unnecessary) remediation work without Kris' effort to find convincing supporting information. Please express our appreciation to him for this effort."
Environmental Engineer, Pennzoil Products Company
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